Hike Log

Rose Peak from Sunol



Type of Hike:

Day hike

Trail Conditions:

Trail in good condition


Road suitable for all vehicles


No Bugs


Snow free




It’s 530am on Sunday April 16 and messages come in saying that Sunol is closed. The only trails open are to Mission Peak and a few others. The plan was to hike Rose Peak today. I double checked the website and it also stated that the Ohlone Wilderness was closed. I was in crisis mode. I needed to hike and wanted to go. So, I messaged all in my group and said let's still go and if Rose is closed hike Mission.
I was one of the first cars in line to get into the park. I got closer to the pay gate and finally it was my turn. I asked the park attendant if Rose was open, and he said…………..yes! Oh happy day but I could not let everyone know that it was open because there is no cell service in Sunol. So, I drove to the trail head as planned and waited. I sent to the gate to make sure there was no signage saying the trail to Rose or the Ohlone Wilderness was closed and there was none.
So, then I waited, and two others joined me to start off and we began a marvelous hike to Rose Peak. We started off at 830 and headed in. But I was unaware that there were others there and unsure of the meet up spot and decided to hike Mission.
The air was crisp, and the sky was overcast as we began but eventually gave way to blue skies and sunshine.
We took the Camp Ohlone road past Little Yosemite to Backpack Road. The birds were chirping, and Alameda creek was flowing. But before we made our turn on Backpack 3 other hikers caught up to use who got a late start. The group of 3 became a group of 6 determined hikers.
We took Backpack up to the Ohlone Wilderness trail to the Buckboard Trail which led us to the top of Rose Peak. All along the way the grass was green, flowers were carpeting the hillsides, and the cows were roaming.
We hit the peak at 1215pm the team celebrated. We all took turns signing the book at the top and pictures were taken. Just when we were about to leave another 2 hikers joined us who also got a late start, and more celebration was to be had.
And then the descent back the way we came. The warm sun was on us and now all the flowers were blooming. Many pictures were taken, and good conversations were exchanged.
As we were going down the Ohlone trail we ran onto a group of 6 who hiked Mission Peak and came looking for us! It was good to see them, and they hiked back with us for a while.
It was an incredible day to be on Rose Peak. We hiked 18 miles, gained 3940 in elevation in about 6:15. This was my 7th peak of the Bay Are Six Peak Challenge. Thanks to all who hiked today! I have posted all the pictures and videos of my hike to this page. Also, there is a link to the All-Trails route we took. If you would like to ask more questions about my hikes, please feel free to message me and I will share all my info. If you are interested in my hikes, you can follow me on my Facebook page Jason’s Hiking Adventures and Bay Are Hikers, Instagram @jasonshikingadventures, Social Hiker, and All Trails. Thanks for reading!


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